Knowledge + action = Growth

The Challenges of Marketing your small business

Marketing can be challenging. Actually, beyond challenging, it can be down right exhausting. It seems like once you learn something and put it into action it has already changed again.

It’s true that things change at a rapid rate and it’s extremely difficult for the business owner or non-profit to keep up. How do you begin to learn to market when you have to run your business too?

The truth is you don’t have to. You just need to follow those that do!

The key to marketing for yourself or business is education. Which is exactly what Serving Social and the Traveling Marketers aim to provide.

We take the guessing out of marketing and make it simple to learn by providing up-to-date education and guidance with the free resources needed for the business owner still working in their business. Follow our blog and subscribe to our newsletter and start taking the guessing out of marketing!