” We are all monks and we are all mavericks – that is the philosophy behind Monks & Mavericks apparel. At times, we are cool and calm monks that are content in the quiet monastery of our own making. At others, we are making our mark and taking on the world our own way. ” Chris Porter, Founderand Creative Director.

The Need: Website – Product Photography – Lifestyle Photography  – Marketing Strategy.

Website: We designed and built an e-commerce website so the client could sell direct to the customer and avoid the cost of the 3rd party transaction and distribution. The client now has a simple and clean e-commerce platform that will allow their business to grow as needed.

Photography: The client had need to different types of photography. 1st: We need product photography so we could build out the shop feature on the client’s website (product photography by Elijah Whites). 2nd: We needed  lifestyle photography to build out Website headers and categories (Lifestyle photography by Todd White)

The Result: The client had a secure, fully functioning e-commerce website that would allow the Monks and Mavericks brand can sell through. The website is designed to be flexible and easy to add new products as the brand success continues to grow.

Brand Product Photography

Photographer: Todd White