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Serving Social provides business tools, marketing resources, and services while keeping it simple. We lead with years of marketing experience to develop the strategy to build your business, connect with your audience, and ultimately grow your brand and profits. 

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Marketing Made Simple

My Pitch-a-Kid Experience

What it was like to pitch to a panel of kids...Seven judges, six entrepreneurs, one stage. This may sound like “Shark Tank” -- and you’re not far off! The format of Pitch-a-Kid is similar to the show, but instead pitching to a panel of millionaire investors

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We Are Starting With Happiness

House. SOLD. Office Space. RENTED. Most of our possessions. SOLD. Now what? Our answer: Start with happiness. These changes have trickled through the grapevine over the course of the past few month

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Small Business Week with Taylor Chamber of Commerce

Get Your Business Online with Google! Join us in celebrating Small Business Week as we co-host a series of Google and Marketing events throughout Taylor to help grow your business!

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