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Let’s be honest, marketing is complicated. The internet makes it even more so. There is so much information available that you get overloaded and confused before you even get started.  Does this sound familiar?

At Serving Social, we noticed this trend with every business owner we assisted. So we decided to do something about it!! It took some time to develop, about a year to be exact but, we created an easy to learn workshop that makes marketing simple. Yes, that’s right, marketing can be simple!

Purple Unicorn Myth? We know it sounds far fetched that marketing could be simplified for your business, but it can be if you know where to start.

The Marketing Roadmap

Marketing Made Simple teaches businesses and nonprofits how to target your audience, create content, engage with customers, and access the tools and resources that can help you do it all for free consistently! Throughout the two-hour workshop each business will learn:

Setting Objectives & Goals
Audience Defining
Creating Content
Engaging with Influencers
Engaging Consumers
Access to FREE Marketing Resources
Marketing Management
Track and Measure Progress

The Best Part

When the Marketing Made Simple Roadmap is put into action your brand will start to see results. The total time for creating your content every month is about 2 hours. That’s one trip to the grocery store. Daily, you would spend about 20 minutes engaging. That’s one trip to Starbucks! If time is money, then you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Want Proof?

Take a look at Monks & Mavericks! The owner and creative director, Chris Porter has taken the roadmap and put it into action and immediately started seeing results.


Learn How to Make Marketing Simple

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to make your marketing simple and profitable just like Chris.  Join the Entrepreneurs Roadshow as they journey from city-to-city and take advantage of the marketing tips and resources they will be sharing along the way.

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