We Decided To Be Happy

House. SOLD. Office Space. RENTED. Most of our possessions. SOLD. Now what?

Our answer: Start with happiness. These changes have trickled through the grapevine over the course of the past few months and have raised questions from many of our friends and clients leaving them wondering what the heck we’re doing!

What many of you may not know, is that these changes were a long time coming. Although our business is booming, we were feeling plateaued. When we were planning for our business, we were approaching things from only a logical perspective instead of an emotional one. In all of our meetings, no one ever told us how to plan toward our own happiness and that you should love what you do along the way. Like most entrepreneurs, we got stuck going through the motions.

We got to the point where everything we did made “sense”, but we weren’t happy. This is where we learned what you should be doing is often different from what you feel you should be doing. We were ultimately seeking something greater than ourselves and we didn’t know it.

Feeling Lost

One afternoon, I was sitting in my office chair and I was staring at my computer screens feeling simply, “MEH.” Then, my phone lit up. On the screen was a message from our good friend, Michael Drew. Knowing the insightful person that Michael is, I immediately asked him if we could talk. Five minutes soon turned into an hour. Michael, without hesitating graciously offered his time to assist me in what I felt was one of my very low points and for that, I’m not only grateful but blessed. 

After my call with Michael, I immediately felt rejuvenated. Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective to kick you in gear. That evening, I went home to Elijah and started the conversation that would change the trajectory of our lives. As we are partners in everything, we decided we needed to take stock of our current situation together and decide what our ultimate happiness really was.

Then Came the Whiteboard

We pulled out the same whiteboard we had used to map strategies for our clients and used it for ourselves for the first time.

On the left side, we mapped out what makes us happy. We did this while looking through both personal and business lenses because as entrepreneurs, they are very much intertwined. The left side quickly filled up with our passions: Traveling, Community, Marketing, Working with People, and Making a Positive Impact. On the right side, we made the vision. Our vision included multiple scenarios: What does the worst case look like? Well, this question was easy to answer. We knew we could only go up from where we were. So, we then examined what the best case would look like. We asked one simple question: What would it take to achieve everything on the left side of our board? 

Taking Risks

To finally achieve our happiness, we knew we would have to take a leap and it was going to be uncomfortable. Risks are not neat, they are messy. They take time, push you out of your comfort zone, and make you give up things you never thought you would. What we knew is that in order to be truly happy, we would need to let go of everything and just go for it. I never thought in my life that it would mean literally giving up EVERYTHING! 

The Leap of Faith

House. SOLD. Office Space. RENTED. Most of our possessions. SOLD. After many months of strategic planning, blood, sweat, tears…oh the many many tears, we are officially launching a new venture for our lives and business! The Entrepreneurs Roadshow is our nomadic adventure that will allow us to continue building our business and chase our happiness at the same time. Because isn’t that the American dream? To be successful and happy at the same time. 

Over the course of the next 12 months, we will be traveling from city-to-city in our RV providing business tools, marketing resources, and education to small businesses while highlighting each community through video, blogs, podcasts and social media. Not to mention the sightseeing and RV adventures I’m sure we are to have along the way.

As we continue to grow and expand, we will be sharing our journey here alongside our advice to entrepreneurs. Elijah and I couldn’t be more excited and we’d like to invite you to join us on this adventure and follow us to learn from the lessons we’re learning, learn something you didn’t know before, and perhaps find your own happiness as entrepreneurs! 

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